Thursday, September 19, 2013

My sweeties

Elliott is 3 months old!  Where has the time gone?  He is still a wonderful baby.

Well, we went to the lake on Labor Day.  Unfortunately it was in a downpour so we had to come back the following weekend.  The girls also enjoyed a trip to JumpStreet trampoline park, where they went up and down this gigantic crocodile slide.  We've also spent tons of time at the pool because Helaman is training for a triathlon, and where Olivia has learned to swim independently (with a life vest) which is a huge step!

Olivia started Pre-school!  It was a last minute decision, and I think the right one.  She just goes twice a week for a few hours in the morning and loves it!  She is very proud to be going to school just like Charlotte, and Charlotte never fails to ask how her day went and what she learned.

Elliott was introduced to the cow and the sheep.  6 years ago it was Charlotte doing the same thing.  They look so much alike, it is crazy.  Maybe that is why Charlotte just loves him to pieces, and told me that when she has a baby, she is naming him Elliott.

The cutest little kids around!!!

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