Friday, July 19, 2013

Elliott at 1 Month

Elliott is 1 month old! On blanket from Great Grandma Nancy.
Weight: 10 lb. 15 oz. (75%)
Height: 23 inches (87%)
Head: 15.5 inches (72%)

 He is a little sweetie who is very good natured and smiles often.
 He still has his days and nights mixed up, and though I love these beautiful eyes, they are a bit too wide open in the middle of the night.
 He has a enthusiastic fan club in his sisters, who hug and kiss him at every opportunity.


E B said...

A month already! My, how time flies. They all look alike, I love it!

Steve said...

So glad to hear he's a good-natured little guy! Can't wait to see him.

Ted and Hilery said...

He is adorable. It will be fun to have boys the same age! Although, Guy has some catching up to do on the height and weight.