Saturday, March 10, 2012

Deal Trouble

I do not watch the Kardashians.  Any of them.  But I do watch The Soup, and my DVR sometimes tapes the last few minutes of the Kardashians.  A few weeks ago was this episode where Kourtney had been couponing and had this huge pile of stuff she had gotten for free.  I wanted to barf.  At that moment I knew it was all over.  The end had been coming for a while - starting with "Extreme Couponing," continuing with Kroger ending their coupon doubling and tripling, and many stores whittling their loss leaders down to one or two really good deals, only good for the first five minutes past opening til they were gone, and then this.  Lame pseudo celebrities couponing for fun, because they really have nothing else to do.  Certainly anyone can coupon, but does anyone else get a bad taste in their mouth to see obviously well off people collecting hoards of stuff for free just for fun, while lately there are seldom any of those deals left for the regular types?  This isn't the same as the lottery winners who continue to receive food stamps, but it has certainly turned me off to the whole thing.  Maybe when it becomes less popular again, I'll go back to trying to get good deals at the grocery and drug stores.  Until then, steering clear.


Christianne said...

I stopped awhile ago - it isn't worth it. Here in Utah everybody coupons so the stores have NEVER doubled or anything like that and if I do see a good deal it is usually gone by time I can get to the store. I figure my sanity is worth more than the hassle. I have scored a few but since I had the three kids I decided going during the day isn't fun and if you aren't there by 10 there is nothing left...seriously. And the only good coupons these days are online coupons and I don't have time to search and print them and then I usually lose them any ways.

Pete said...

Very sad. Consumerism for consumerism's sake. As sad as her life is, even sadder that people actually seek the show out to watch it. Interesting book I am reading right now which you might like: Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture.