Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy Birthday Olivia!

My little girl is turning 2 today!  Though Olivia is a little high maintenance, she makes up for it in many ways.  She is super cute, and always comes up to me to cuddle and give me kisses.  She giggles easily, and allows me to squeeze her cheeks as much as I want.  She is very vocal, and has a great vocabulary.  She loves playing with Charlotte - dress up, Barbie, and playing with baby doll are her favorite pastimes.  Her enthusiasm for dresses, shoes, and her Jammie Dress is hilarious.  She loves eating fruit and pizza, and points out the Donut House every time we drive by it.  I love getting to see her learn and grow every day.  We love you Olivia!

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VIVID said...

Hi Christina, read ur blog, felt really nice. i hav to agree with u, Olivia looks supercute,infact both the kids in the picture.