Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Wolf

Helaman had some time off before going back to work, so we took a "stay-cation" to The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, which is 20 minutes away. They have a huge indoor water park (no suntan lotion necessary!!) with slides, forts, play equipment, and one enormous bucket of water that dumps out on you.

Charlotte was tall enough for the big rides (with an adult) but didn't really want anything to do with them.
Both girls loved running up and down the hallways, which were largely vacant. We had the place to ourselves!
Several times a day was story time, which was an animated and live show teaching kids not to be afraid.
The lodge also had a "Cub" Club the girls enjoyed.


Pete said...

Looks pretty fun!

Carly said...

Fun! This makes me want to go do this now! Cute pictures!

vdg family said...

We took our kids to the one in the Poconos almost four years ago and they still beg to go again.