Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Second Chances

Sometimes when I give second chances to things it just doesn't work out, whatever it is just doesn't try to win me back.

I wrote to Target's customer service a couple months ago regarding their treatment of couponers. They sent back a bland, generic "we'll look into it" type of reply. So today I tried getting some bargains for groceries using a bunch of manufacturer and Target coupons I printed. The Target coupons were just not scanning at all, so the checker calls for help and no less than four employees gather around the register and one starts immediately spreading out all 20 of my coupons all over in order to inspect all of them, though it was just the Target coupons that weren't scanning, ironically. She tried to manually punch in a 10 digit code for each 50 cent coupon and it still doesn't work though she tried SEVERAL times on each, making for a very impatient customer (me) who is regretting ever stepping foot in the store and wondering where the last 20 minutes of my life went. The team finally gets those coupons to work and apologizes. But, it's too late. It's over, Target. Sorry. I only give two strikes.

When we lived in New York and I had just had Charlotte, we watched The View a lot, because Rosie O'Donnell was always saying crazy things and stirring up drama. When she famously bailed out of the job, I got a little sick of Joy Behar and her nonstop animosity toward the then-President George W. Bush which really came out once she didn't have Rosie's craziness taking center stage anymore. She can disagree with policies and practices all day, but she certainly didn't have to make personal insults, which seemed irresponsible and disrespectful not to mention extremely immature. I didn't like that kind of nastiness in my home so I stopped watching it. When President Obama took office I thought the tone might be more... cheery? So I gave it another chance. Nope, she still brings up the former President any chance she gets in order to blame him for all of the current President's strategies that don't seem to be working all that well. Strike two.


JoEllen said...

Amazing to me how incompetent the folks at your Target are. The ones here are great; I have never had a problem. But I know things can be different store to store, when I went to the one in Grapevine it was a mess and so was one I've been to in AL. Hopefully the chain hasn't been tainted altogether by these folks.

I was hoping to be able to make your shower this weekend, but it looks like I'm probably not going to be able to swing it- I was gone to Davis last weekend and Mark had to handle everything, so I can't do that again. I'd still love to get together before your Day of Imminence and give you something. You're due the first of January, right? Do you want to do something over the Christmas break, maybe right after Christmas?

Christianne said...

Good for you for trying it again (at least you know it wasn't a one time thing) - it is frustrating when a store you like treats you like crap. Our albertons here (now bought out) is like that for me. They have the best deals but it is such an ordeal to find the right size, quantity etc and they are always out of stuff so I have to go back a million time. I decided it just wasn't worth it.

My fabric store raised their prices on fat quarters and didn't bother to tell anyone so after I bought like 25 (because they were on sale) I realized they cost more then they used to even with the discount (WHAT!!) I now buy my fabric online!!!

I feel your pain.

Kurt said...

Obama was perhaps the single worst thing to happen for most talk shows. Even Will Ferrell can't let W go. Of course, I guess Clinton was still being imitated and mocked after W came into office. Obama just can't be made fun of. People can hate him, but it's just not funny or 'cool' to make fun of him.

What's the over/under on when people stop ripping on W on a daily basis? 2014? 2019?

Your Target experience is to the point of being a bit bizarre. Could it be that one particular Target? Just curious. Maybe try another Target as an ultimate 3-strike experience.

Ellen said...

In the whole time you watched the View, those were the only two things that annoyed you? Haha. Yeah, I hated GWB but the times I watched it (yes, I am ashamed), Joy was so obnoxious. She would just rant and rave about the most tiny little faults that he might have. Apparently, she doesn't get how much that turns people off, even if they might share one of her opinions. Such a loudmouth.

For me, Target is just too awesome, with it's super cute cheap kids clothes and delicious, high quality Market Pantry and Archer Farms store brands. I know, I'm weak.

kalina said...

The only time I watch Joy Behar is when she's personified by Fred Armisen on SNL. Very funny.

Tamara said...

Congrats on baby #2!! Being home now, I find myself watching the View and I can't stand Joy and can never understand why she is still on the show. I remember Becca and I going to a taping when Rosie went off on was crazy!!