Saturday, September 05, 2009

Customer Service?

Good Customer Service:
A couple weeks ago Helaman went to Supercuts armed with a $2 off coupon found in the AdPages. The sole employee at the store didn't know how to enter the coupon in, so he couldn't use it. Since that was the reason he went there, I sent a quick email to Supercuts to report the incident. A couple days later, I received a coupon in the mail for a free cut.

Earlier this summer, our family went to Freddy's, the new frozen yogurt place in town. The place smelled like sewer. I wrote a note on the website and the manager called me to give me a $20 credit for future visits.

Bad Customer Service:

To Whom It May Concern:

I would very much appreciate it if you would train your employees on store coupon procedures and have them refrain from treating customers who present such coupons like they are trying to cheat Target.

On my last visit, the cashier spent no less than 3 minutes reading the fine print of the Target internet coupon I had printed out before asking me to dig out the item from the already bagged shopping cart - before even trying to scan the coupon. She then consulted with another cashier who told her and me that they absolutely would not take the coupon I had given them. When I asked for a manager, he simply had the cashier scan in the coupon, but wouldn't take another coupon because the value of the coupon exceeded the price of the item, though I had bought the precise item specified on the coupon. I had to dig it out of the cart too.

Now- I feel like Target is trying to cheat ME when it presents good store internet coupons to draw me to Target instead of the much-closer grocery store, then when I have a whole shopping cart full of groceries (not just coupon items!) you won't honor those coupons on some technicality though the rules you cite are never specified on the coupon. Not to mention treating me like a thief. Until customer service for coupon customers improves, I will avoid Target.

Christina Erickson


phil said...

did you email target? any response?

lrbodine said...

I wouldn't expect a response back from Target... they can be terrible about that stuff! I've learned it totally depends on the cashier I get with my coupon usage. Like today the guy helping me didn't even blink an eye and was quite friendly when I handed over my stack of coupons and keyed in the ones that didn't work. But other times, it's like I'm asking the cashier to move the moon for me! But I love the store too much to stay away.

vdg family said...

Sometimes people that should not be are totally ignorant and you have to reap the consequences. So sorry that happened to you.

On a happy note Charlotte is so beautiful and congratulations on having a girl. We think of you often. :D

vdg family said...
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Kurt said...

Bravo. Keep up the good work, Tina.

It's amazing how too many employees completely miss the point of customer service, sales incentives, coupons, etc. This is all advertising for their company. Instead, their bad customer service stems from trying to save pennies, but they end up losing dollars by losing a customer. And then it's just bad management if the manager doesn't understand the principle--especially in a recession--that his employees under him need to do whatever is possible to keep customer's happy, even if it means losing a buck or two on one particular item.

They're so myopic, thinking only of what money they're making at that moment. Customers come back. They always do, that is, if you keep them happy.

I'm amazed at how much bad management there is out there.

I think this is the first time I've ever posted on your blog, by the way. I'm JoEllen's brother.

Kent said...

I had a horrible experience at Applebee's a couple years ago that I blogged about. I wrote them a nasty letter, and then they followed up with an apology but no free stuff. What's the point of the apology if I don't get any free stuff?!?! So I've only been to Applebee's a couple of times since then. I can't do a full boycott when I'm craving the Fiesta Lime Chicken.

Eva said...

I agree! Target + coupons = bad feelings. And congrats on another girl! Our girls are 21 months apart too.