Sunday, February 15, 2009


One of our malls has a great collection of ride-on cars, trucks, trains and a space shuttle like this one that Charlotte just loves. She doesn't mind that I don't make them move ($1 for 30 seconds - are you kidding?), she just hops from one to the other and has a great time. I was hoping her car obsession would take the place of the shoe obsessions my friends have warned me about with their little girls. Nope - she is a shoe girl too now. On and off. On and off.

This weekend my parents came to visit us and my mom, Charlotte and I went to JCPenney for a photo shoot. Charlotte lost patience with the whole thing very quickly, but they did capture some good shots and we'll have to go back there to get a family picture because I was actually impressed with JCPenney's quality and prices. But I can't imagine doing this without a "handler", in this case my mom, which is probably why I've only been once before to get her picture taken. In that situation, I only ended up getting the two free 8x10s that came with my coupon, because Charlotte was screaming to get home and I had had it too. Thanks Mom! And thanks to Dad for staying home and fixing our toilet, refrigerator and rocking chair. It was a great Valentine's Day - we were stuffed with pizza, donuts, frozen custard and sugar cookies!
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lrbodine said...

Looks like fun! Ellie just got a new set of Princess shoes for her bday and she is obssesed. I think they might be worn out of the house too!

I want to see the pictures when you get them back.