Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Happy Holidays from us

I hope someday to get a professional picture done. For now we will assign credit where it is due - our mini tripod on top of the mailbox.

Miss Charlotte sitting still for 2 seconds in the rocking chair my grandfather made for me.

Christmas came early for Charlotte, who is giving her new baby a kiss. Thanks Grandma! The stroller has yet to stop making laps around the house.

I can't believe how fast time has gone this year. Last year at this time I couldn't wait until January to find out where we would spend our next 6 years. It is nice to relax and not be anxiously awaiting news or graduations or moving and just be able to focus on fun things like teaching Charlotte what Christmas is all about.


Savings Garden said...

Hi Christina, I think Ava needs a doll stroller too.

Did you get your movie tickets from Old Navy? When we went in it was as no one knew about the promotion and there were tons left.

Ted and Hilery said...

I love the family photo. You all look great! How do you manage to look just as young and beautiful as you did in college?!

Haymonds said...

Hi!! We just got home and have some issues, so call me tomorrow or later this week when we have gotten things under control. Looking forward to seeing you!

vdg family said...

Adorable pictures. I think the mailbox makes a fabulous tripod.