Saturday, July 28, 2007

Little swimsuit model

Family picture taken in Central Park. Believe it or not, this was the best of them!

My little swimsuit model. Lookin' good in a super cute suit Grandma sent! Next step, a trip to the actual pool.

For Charlotte's 4 month mark, we celebrated by using a gift card from the dental class to buy her a jumperoo. She loves it! Our living room has now officially been taken over by baby apparatuses. In other news, at Charlotte's 4 month check up she made the 73rd percentile for height at 25 inches. Thanks for the tall genes, Dad! She also took her shots like a champ though I heard some weird screaming from her while she slept that night.

So I've been "tagged" by a few people lately, so I thought I'd do that instead of doing Saturday chores like I should be during her morning nap.

Jobs I have had (not in order):
  1. Executive host at 2002 Olympics
  2. Software co. marketing assistant
  3. T&E paralegal
  4. Immigration paralegal
  5. Gap salesperson
  6. Chili's waitress
Movies I can watch over and over:
  1. Little Women
  2. It's a Wonderful Life
Places I have lived:
  1. Bay Area, CA
  2. Tallahassee, FL
  3. Raleigh, NC
  4. Provo, UT
  5. Mesa and Tempe, AZ
  6. NYC
TV Shows I watch:
  1. Jeopardy
  2. House
  3. Lost
  4. Scrubs
  5. ER
Foods I like:
  1. Waffles
  2. Doughnuts
  3. BBQ'd steaks
  4. Salmon and sole
  5. Ice Cream
I'd rather be:
  1. In the park
  2. shopping
Websites I visit daily:
  2. my email
  3. all of my friend's blogs
People I am tagging:
  1. Ellen - why haven't you posted lately??
  2. Andrea-- Get a blog girl! (that makes 2 tags for you)

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Ellen said...

Sorry, I will post! I've been working but it's no excuse. You have shamed me into repentance.

Call Couple said...

Your little girl is so cute. Aaron and I are preparing for our house to be over run by baby pretty soon!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

I'm with you on being overrun by baby stuff! It's out of control. Love the cute swimsuit. I bought one for Ellie but we haven't made it to a pool yet so I'm not sure if I should even take the tags off!