Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday Madness

Charlotte loves her new friends that hang above her chair. When pulled, the cow plays a tune, but never gets the credit. She patiently listens to the song, then favors the blue sheep with a huge grin every time.

Last night we celebrated the end of "24" with a rooftop BBQ in the wonderful weather.

After a couple of tumultuous nights, last night I put Charlotte to bed at 11pm. I automatically woke up at 3am, but she wasn't up or even stirring. I kept thinking she would get up soon, so I couldn't sleep for another hour! It turns out she decided to sleep in until 8am!!! I don't expect it to become a regular habit quite yet, but it was fun though I kept waking every hour wondering what she was up to. Go figure.
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Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

We have that same little bouncy chair but Ellie just likes to kick them and gets really excited about it. I keep hoping she'll get the idea to grab things besides my hair but no such luck - just kicking everything!

Enjoy Charlotte sleeping through the night. Hopefully it sticks like it did with Ellie! :)