Thursday, September 07, 2006


Kauai is the island where they filmed Jurassic Park, because it is sooo green and lush. They say it is always raining on some part of the island, and we got a small dose of it (not too much though!) when we went ziplining through the trees and over the ravines. It was a ton of fun!! At the highest we were 200 feet above ground.

Afterwards, we rented mopeds and once we negotiated our way out of busy traffic, rolled through some great, open countryside and down to some falls with a swimming hole.


Ted & Hilery said...

Ted and I did the zip line canopy tour when we were in Costa Rica. I was scared to death and almost chickened out! But I am glad I mustered up some courage. I love your photos. They make me want to figure out a way to get on vacation again.

Lucy said...

that looks like so much fun!

Mom & Dad Erickson said...

Your three, Helaman, Christina & Julie look like a group of real pros. We'll have to get copies of these pictures.

Love, Dad & Mom

Mary&Jake Epstein said...

oh my gosh!! that looks so scary yet fun all at once!!
I didn't know you got to go to Hawaii!