Saturday, June 10, 2006

cupcakes for sale

Inspired by Julia's post on scratch vs. box mix cupcakes, I decided to try her recipe. Well, I didn't decide, I was forced into it by a raging thunder storm which was great to listen to, but not so fun to march out into to get the treat I was craving Friday night. Magnolia Bakery would charge $4 a pop for these cupcakes, EXCEPT Magnolia's wouldn't be HALF as good. However, they would definitely have better presentation which proves anything will sell in New York based on packaging alone. In fact, at a firm party a year ago, we had some absolutely fabulous looking cupcakes which everyone was raving about, and it felt like an illustration of the Spiral of Silence Theory (Comms 201) where everyone is thinking something but no one is saying it. I thought they tasted like they were a week old. They were way too dense and for some reason no one was saying it for fear of offending these beautiful cupcakes. A cupcake is supposed to be light and airy, so you don't feel like you ate an entire cake afterward. The "gourmet" bakeries in the city fall woefully short in this area. Julia's recipe, however, produces possibly the creamiest batter and lightest cupcakes I've ever tasted. Don't be scared off by the ingredients, I used regular sugar and salt and no cardamom, but they still tasted great, so imagine how they'd taste with the proper ingredients. Posted by Picasa


Lucy said...

They look so yummy! I think your presentation is great, especially with all of the different topping colors. I might have to make some today.

Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

I think the cupcakes look fabulous! I need to try the recipe out. And I love the Spiral of Silence theory. Who know we'd still be using those theories in daily life?